Little moments


[the little pleasures]

It’s the little things that we tend to neglect,

the breeze that comes through the open window.

The sprinkles  of cinnomon on the top of the hot chocolate.

The light splatterings of raindrops on the petals of a flower tip.

The tiny shards of the setting sun through the stained glass that puts a rainbow of colour on the wall.

These are the things that surround us, yet we neglect their beauty. 

The little moments of wonder that are all around us.

The simple pleasures of life. 

Poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure: From the tantalizing to the satisfyingly sober, have your poem convey a sense of pleasure today. Imbue it with joy, glee, and profound contentment — or, if you wish to keep it dark, write about the lack of or longing for pleasure in your life.

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