Days gone by

[Days Gone By]

The sun sets over the water,

Leaving a shimmer of orange to delight,

the hills and valleys behind,

the trees in the distance,

So quiet and serene,

Birds take flight,

Days gone by,

A middle aged woman sits at her laptop,

trying to write a poem for a blog post,

Her thoughts are on other things,

the words are just not coming out right,

She wishes that she was sitting by that water,

but the rain outside is preventing her from going walking.

The sun comes out in brief glimpses,

not enough to risk it.

Soon enough the day has turned to night

and she realises that it’s now to late

to go out and gaze at the ocean

and the setting sun.

Its now just become

one of those

days gone by.

Nic Beltane 2016 ©

Poetry, Day Nine: Landscape
The space(s) we spend our days in have such profound effects on us. Today’s prompt, landscape, invites you to explore your whereabouts and translate your thoughts into a poem. You could focus on the physical traits of a place you find beautiful, or on the way you interact with your surroundings at home, on the way to work, or when you’re on holiday.

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