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Looking to the Future


[Looking to the future]

I open my diary to see what the next week brings.

No Appointments and all of the usual things.

28 is into week three,

The menu, Workouts and meditations are all written in my diary.

A big clean up is in order,

with an inspection in ten days

No birthdays that i can see,

unless an old one comes up on Ancestry,

Jack is off to the Gym and most likely detecting,

or a walk to the wharf with some fishing.

For Angel it’s Breakfast Club, Gymnastics and maths

with Colourathon at the end of the week.

Me well i will probably be sitting here

blogging to my hearts content.

There isn’t much else happening

when i look to the future.

Nic Beltane 2016 ©

Poetry, Day Ten: Future: Could it be our last day of Intro to Poetry already?! Let’s keep our spirits up by focusing on whatever it is that’s coming next. Whether it’s about tomorrow, next October, or the year 2345, let today’s poem be inspired by your vision of the future. (Fears, hopes, and plans are equally acceptable, of course. As are robots!)

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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