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Coffee & Chat Tuesday


[If we where having coffee right now]


[If we where having coffee right now]

I would tell you that it’s looking like a mostly quiet week again this week, with Jack only having one appointment, Angel has a few things going on as usual, and will be doing a PO event on the weekend. But apart from that not a great deal going on, i was planning on re-doing Week in the Life, but it looks as though it will be much the same as last week. Next week is our Rent Inspection so might be a better week to do it, as things should be more organised.

I would tell you that I’m looking forward to getting out this week, as there has been a change of plans, feel like I have been cooped up for an eternity


[If we where having coffee right now]

I would show you our old hutch makeover, In the middle of a clean up for a rent inspection and trying to find places to put things, did the bookcase a few days ago. Sunday it was hutch on the top of the buffet we have moved the tv to the middle of the room as we do each winter as that way we can use the fire place. Gathered up all of the white and marble items i have collected in the past year and this is the result. The dinner sets are probably 3/4 years old. we don’t use them and haven’t for probably two years, which is why there is a missing cup & Bowl (since i brought the Jamie Oliver set). So got Angel to grab them out of the kitchen cupboard. (Thinking of adding the pink / black / grey sets that Kmart currently have). Most of these items are from Kmart, Target & The Reject Shop.

[If we where having coffee right now]

I would tell you that I’m into week three of 28, loving most of the meals, a couple I will be making again for sure. Back has still been playing up so only doing the workouts at a slow and gentle pace. Will be signing up for the next round for sure. 

[If we where having coffee right now]

I would tell you that I’m really enjoying house rules, wish it was on everyday, it’s the boys house this week, can’t wait for reveal. 

[If we where having coffee right now]

I would tell you that my daughter is on the ABC radio site, she didn’t do the interview but the poster and cause she is taking part in is. We are both really proud of the achievements that the girls have made. 

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