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Stuff I Love Saturday



Can’t keep up with Angel at the moment, this is just this week. Project O – dinner on monday. Gymnastics – Monday (she couldn’t go, Tuesday has been changed to Monday & Wednesday), + Tonight & Sunday as she is in a comp in hobart in a few weeks, Maths – Cancelled. Youth Group. Next week and the week after are just as busy with all of the above + an Estedford, a couple of film nights, a pizza day. She also does Breakfast club a few mornings a week & had to do an extra one this morning. Last week it was Work inspirations, the week before Colourathon & she wants to volunteer to do the local festival in October and get a job in August.

Cancelling your premium blog and going back to free one. Only to realise days later that you are no longer able to upload photos as your storage limit has been lowered and its full. Start deleting old photos, but realising that its going to take days to go through 11 years of your blog.. and the whole point of your blog is its a memory jar!….

Jack and Angel have gone to Burnie. He has to pay my Lay-by, she has her voucher to spend. So some quiet for a few hours. They came back a few hours ago. She spent half of her gift card, got her necklace from xmas / nanna fixed and a new nose stud so she is happy.



Handbag and Checkerboard i posted last week i ended up buying. Really happy with the bag, works really well.



Cafe Umami, Subway, Pizza Hut, Burger Bar. Thankfully 28 starts again on Monday and i can get back on track with mea planning.




Pretty much been an at home week, apart from Thursday when we went walking about 4/5 times.


Same as the last few weeks, Home Decorating, watched Love Shack this afternoon, wasn’t too bad.


We have been watching  Ana White on Youtube, but thats about it.

I did watch the Jimmy Barnes Soul Sessions this afternoon that was good.


Really looking forward to getting my new clothes. I have started taking photos for my capsule wardrobe now.




my grandparents married 67 years ago today

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