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A spot of shopping.


Well with no car and a limited amount of shopping opportunities here, i did a spot of online shopping over the past 24 hours. I was planning on buying an Erin Condren Planner (it didn’t happen) as i added up what i wanted, the postage and the conversion rate and it was going to cost me way too much. (I ordered 2 planners from Kikki K & Typo instead). I do however still want the planner but will do a little more saving for it.

I have been putting off buying clothes for ages apart from the Kmart Lay-by & thats me done for the fortnight, am well and truly broke now after putting in orders with Target, Typo, Kikki K, Millers, Nikki Lissoni, Love that most of what i got was discounted & some earrings and nose studs for Angel from Ebay from a refund i got back the other day. (See Below). So i will be stalking the postie for the next few weeks.

Go to typo online last night, put in an order, don’t end up following through with the order, go to sleep. wake up to an email with a 30% off discount code, go back to typo online and add in the stuff i put in last night plus one extra. everything i looked at last night had been discounted. End up saving my self $20 plus get free shipping and an extra product. Love when that happens…


A mixture of items, I have tried to keep to the same colourings and types of clothes that i can mix and match, I have a lay-by on at Kmart as well so that should keep me well clothed for a while. [Clothes: Boho Dress, Tunic, Square Neck Top, Jegging, Wrap, Knit Top, Tunic Shirt, Lace Trim Jumper].  Clothes from Target & Millers.


Stationary: 16/17 18-MONTH WEEKLY DIARY: PAUSE, HAPPY HEALTHY HABITS BOX: INSPIRATION, activity journal / BUCKET LIST, 2016/17 A6 Financial Year Buffalo Diary. Stationary from Kikki K & Typo.


Planter: jute storage small, book shaped planter {Typo}

Jewellery / Handbags: 10pcs Stainless Steel Nose Piercing Stud Crystal, 120Pairs Wholesale Bulk Women’s Chic Tiny Silver, Nikki Lissoni Earrings, RUBI BAG TASSLE (Ebay, Nikki Lissoni, Typo)

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