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Saturday Stuff




It has been a pretty quiet week around here, so not a great deal to report.


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Haven’t been anywhere this week, and generally faffed around online, but nothing that really jumped out at me, that screamed Nic, you need to buy me..

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Smacks self across the head when i realise that i have broken my daily move streak (221 Days) on my Apple watch because i didn’t do my workout last night, and went to bed with a migraine and didn’t check my watch. 

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I finally hung the pictures that have been sitting on the floor for a few weeks, so the gallery walls are pretty much done now, apart from some things i want at kmart, but u may need to start a third gallery wall for that..

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IMG_8399Breakfast at CU again this week. Quinoa with Caramelised Banana & Coconut Milk, was so good, but i couldn’t eat it all because it was so filling.

Homemade Parma for dinner last night, one of the 28 recipes.


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yes this is as exciting as it gets around here, a new basket in the corner of one of my favourite spaces.

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Now those that know me know i am a massive fan of taking photos. How many have i taken this week????? 15, and some of those are double ups of the same photo (Coffee / food / my workout), thats it..

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How many books this week, one, Facebook..



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Jack and I went to breakfast, and Angel and her selfie, once again nicking my phone to take it. If you are a memory keeper and you ever want photos of your teenagers give them your phone, it is the best way to get photos of them.



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Love chid is back, and in 4 days so are the latest episodes of Offspring, which i have been catching u on each afternoon. Followed by Everyday Health (Sam is on it). Also love shack, house rules in the final weeks and soon winners and losers will be returning.


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No views to be seen at all this week, next week though.. watch out world, i am going to be taking some photos… Line Divider 11_Pixejoo







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