Goodbye Bella

14012084_10153818416318317_1042841243_n13501664_10153703292698317_8267061927688011298_nJack has just come in and told me that our (Angel’s) dog Bella has passed away. She was 12/13 years old, we got her in December 2014.

She has always been a very sad looking dog, i have always felt like she was missing her original owner (the girl grew up and got married and the dog stayed with the parents), and the mother gave her away (to us).

Over the past few months she was looking even sadder (i put it down to the puppy wearing her out), but she reminded me of eeyore from winnie the pooh.

She didn’t like the cats or our dog Zoe (who passed away last year), or our new dog Ali (Who is only 7 months old).

She did however adore Angel and Angel loved her (i haven’t included Angel in this as she is at school and doesn’t / won’t know until this afternoon).

R.I.P Bella.

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