one day i will find planner peace


until then.. i will keep shopping..

3225346RKVANEWFPPI have brought one of these planners before, wasn’t happy with it, so i gave it to Angel to use (She was on the cover) at the time i had been using the Kikki K Family ones for a while so i had been in a routine of separating each of our appointments / work etc by name.
With appointments etc now time based it made more sense to look at an hourly planner.
I would have loved an Erin Condren, but when you consider the price of this $39.95 (free shipping) compared to the Erin Condren ($50 + Shipping, + add the currency conversion, and the accessories) = over $300.
Planner: A5 quantity: 1 pc(s)
Starting month: July 2016 – June 2017
Language for inlay: Australian   ()
Inlay design: Chalkboard Great
Writing background: grey lines, timetable 8am-6pm, 
Daily details: Workout large
Personalised dates: Facebook-friends
Module 1: Dinners
Module 2: To Do
Module 3: DIY
Back pages:
24 pages  – Month overview
10 pages  – Coloring book
10 pages  – Ruled
10 pages  – Blank pages
4 pages  – Square dots

I have included a

  • Workout section for my 28 workouts as thats one of the main things i do throughout the day.
  • Dinner’s – as 28 has a meal plan.
  • To do section – For my weekly list of what i need to get done.
  • DIY – This i will use to add my blog posts (Tuesdays & Saturdays are always the same)
  • Birthdays: If my Facebook friends have their birthdays listed they are / have been included
  • Australian public holidays.

It came with stickers (They are a new thing added today), a ruler & Plastic sleeve. I was going to order the leather cover but may order that at a later date with more stickers.

I went with the Neutral / Hourly version like i was going to do with the EC. Will see how it goes. With the amount of appointments that Jack & Angel have these days, plus my blog & 28 i probably could have brought more than one but have tried to include everything in it.
  1. […] by My Memory Jar The planner from arrived today.  Couple of things missing (dinner / to do sections) […]


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