Time to plan-er

The planner from arrived today.
Couple of things missing (dinner / to do sections) is blank, pretty sure that i had added that in.
Thought i had added 2017 / 2018 calendars but hadn’t.
Added Birthdays from Facebook and it has added Birthdays for everyone that i have ever had on my Facebook account, so that should be interesting trying to figure out who these random people are that are no longer on my friends list. Perhaps i will look them up and wish them a Happy Birthday anyway.
The colouring book is a fun touch, and when i have nothing else to do will start colouring in.
I have used ½ of the stickers already, so perhaps should have brought more. (may put an order in for the leatherette cover, some stickers, and pens, other extras in a month or so).
Have spent the day filling out the next few months appointments / school and all of the other things going on in The Beltane’s Chaotic Life…
Whilst it’s not the Erin Condren that i really want, it will suffice until i can afford one. Mind you the 15+ other planners for 2016 (and i don’t think that i am exaggerating about that amount), may get jealous.

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