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[Currently in July]

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

Achieved: Writing a blog post, after voiding writing them in July.

Admiring: All of the beautiful new Kmart items.

Anticipating: Getting my Kmart lay-by this week.




Enjoying: All of the faux plants that i have been buying, the splash of greenery around the house really does make it more homely.

Eating: 28 Meals.


Family Photo] (forgot to take it!):

Feeling: Tired. Cat wakes us up each morning around 6am, alarm goes off at 7am for Angel, and dog starts barking around 8am. Haven’t had a decent nights sleep in weeks.

Finally: Finished the Gilmore Girls.

Following:  All of the kmart pages…


Giggling: About my kmart addiction.

Habit: Need to drink more water.

Happy: That we now have presto and i can watch A place to call home, wentwroth, eye for an eye and more.

Happening Right Now: Watching Bold & the Beautiful.

Hoping: that spring is warmer than winter.

Hearing: Angel talk about wanting to get a job, and going so far as to fill her resume out, makes me very proud of her. especially when she realises that at 14 all of the extra things that she has already done in her short life.


Keeping: Up with Jack & Angel’s appointments is exhausting, lucky that i have a pretty planner to see up with it all.


Location: Went into Burnie, Whilst we had a car went to the snow.

Looking forward to: watching this years The Bachelor.

Liking: that we are almost done with July.

Loving: The Bathroom now it has been finished, i really need to take some photos, as it looks fantastic.

Listening To: Carol King’s Where you Lead.


Making: Excuses today as to why i havent done my 28 yet.

Main Goal This Week: Get Lay-by.

Marvelling: At how fast not only this month but this year has gone.


Needing:  New Tv / Movie suggestions now i have finished the Gilmore Girls.

Need to Finish: watching the shows i have in my Netflix list too

Not Digging: My broken iPhone screen

Noticing: How quiet it is with Jack at an appointment and Angel at school.


Opening:  The door to check the mail and finding that it was freezing outside, had me “running” back in and putting the heater on.



Playing: Pokemon Go

Planning: To get things finished in August. (28, konmari, family photo, project life photo books, family history book)

Pondering: Re-organising the laundry, getting some cupboards and turning it into a butlers-pantry. We looked into renting a washing machine and dryer, but it was way too expensive, its better just to buy one.



Reading:  Jamie Oliver’s Family Superfoods book.



Sorting: in my head what clothes i want to put on my new garment rack.

Sewing:  nothing

Snacking: Is it bad that i have had homemade custard a few times this month. Such a comfort food.

Smelling: Burnt toast, after i made toad in the hole for lunch.


Thinking: about getting our room organised.

TIME: 1:53pm. I started this about an hour ago.


Waiting: For Jack to get home.

Watching: Love Child, Winners & Losers, Offspring, every episode of the Gilmore Girls, Lip sync battle, Bold & The beautiful.

Wanting: To get my iPhone fixed


Wasting: The day away watching 10 episodes of The Bold & The Beautiful, and all of the other shows i neglected watching because of The Gilmore Girls.


Weather: It snowed in our town near the beach.

Wearing: some of the new clothes that i brought in june. My 28 shirt for workouts, need a few more.


Wishing: That there where more hours in a day.

What grind’s my Gears: Breaking the screen of my phone, and the amount of money it’s going to cost to fix it & Wondering if it’s worth it as a new one is coming out.

Wondering: What excitement August will bring.


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