Day in the Life July 2016

Day in the life

Yesterday was ‪#‎Dayinthelife‬. Jack and Angel were not at home so i changed it to today. I still have another few photos to take. I used the Project Life app and the Adventure Edition Cards..

Up around 8am, quick photos of our room, Then some in the bathroom.

around the house, watching the live Sam wood workout, filling in my planner and having breakfast.

Watching the episode of everyday health i missed on friday, Blackboard quote that Angel did. fake & real plants around the house, a walk with Angel, and a hot coffee.

afternoon nap (asthma was playing up), Angel putting the washing away, a shower, more plants, black cat in the back window, Angel taking selfies again, my planner.

2 Replies to “Day in the Life July 2016”

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  2. Hey, I love your blog!
    Fancy checking mine out? It’s new!
    Thank you 🙂


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