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hanging out with this girl @MONA.

[Currently in August]

August has been a fairly quiet month. We went away last weekend, but apart from that not a lot has gone on.

  • Achieved: Watching the complete series of Winners & Losers.
  • Admiring: All of the lovely stuff at Freedom, Typo, Big W. Shops that we haven’t been to in so long.
  • Anticipating: The end of Winners and Losers in a few weeks.
  • Blogging: Not a lot of that happening this past month, but september i am doing blog-temper.
  • Buying: A new washing Machine.
  • Being: Tired one minute but not being able to sleep is so frustrating.
  • Bookmarking: Not a great deal this month, as i said it’s been really ho-hum..
  • Cooking: 28 Meals…
  • Considering: putting my planner into my Hello Forever planner.
  • Coveting: New bedroom furniture
  • Craving: Salt…
  • Creating: hahaha, closest i have gotten his decorating my planner.
  • Current Kmart Unicorn:  What ever i don’t have!!!
  • Deciding: What washing machine to buy was so frustrating.
  • Disliking & Disappointed: My lack of commitment to 28 this month, i am really regretting not making an effort.
  • Digging: The Stool i got from Big W, and the Throw i got from Kmart.
  • Drinking: Orange juice as i have felt so sick this month.
  • Enjoyed / ing: Getting away…
  • Eating: Indian on our weekend away in Hobart.
  • Family Photo] (forgot to take it!): Must take one tonight.
  • Feeling: that i may be coming out of this funk i have been in.
  • Finally: Finished always greener, but OMG how disappointing the ending was, clearly it was expected to have another season.
  • Following: all the goings on on Facebook
  • Habit: Need to get back into drinking water, think that the main reason i have been so sick is because I haven’t been drinking enough water.
  • Happy: that September is almost here. More sunshine, flowers to take photos of.
  • Happening right now. Watching Neighbours
  • Hoping: That September will bring new adventures.
  • Hearing: That Gene Wilder had passed away on monday.
  • Keeping: notes… and working out what i need to do in the coming weeks for the rent inspection (a week from now)
  • Location: Went to Hobart for the weekend.
  • Looking forward to: doing blog-tember.
  • Liking: That its staying light out longer.
  • Loving: Offspring and winners and losers, but sad that they are both finishing. (W&L for good, Offspring unkown)
  • Listening To:  Studio 10.
  • Making: my hello love photography page, i have so many photos to add to it
  • Main Goal This Week: Get Organised for a new month of 28.
  • Marvelling: at how busy it felt in hobart. i had an anxiety attack from the crowds, i am so not used to it.
  • Needing: to get my diary for September organised.
  • Need to Finish: Cleaning the house as there is a rent inspection coming up next week.
  • Not Digging: being sick.
  • Noticing: how much better i feel after meditating.
  • Opening: emails is going to be fun i have over 100+ to read.
  • Playing: way to many old TV shows on Presto.
  • Planning: Out all of the things that need to be planned out for
  • Pondering: what to get at Kmart next, sure that new stuff is coming out.
  • Reading:  not a lot. Heaps i want to read though.
  • Sorting: The house out slowly.
  • Sewing:  no…
  • Snacking: i have eaten so much JUNK this month.
  • Smelling: Smoke all of the time at the moment, especially one of angel’s purfumes, no one else can smell it.
  • Thinking: Will i ever finish this blog post.
  • TIME: 6:47pm, started this early this morning and have been going back to it throughout the day.
  • Waiting: for Jack to get home (its now thursday morning)
  • Watching: This month it has been Winners & Losers and Always Greener.
  • Wanting: A coffee…
  • Wasting: Days away watching who tv series.
  • Weather: Rain with short spurts of sunshine, but still cold.
  • Wearing: jeggings most of the time these days..
  • Wishing: i was organised.
  • What grind’s my Gears: The fact that people are so offended by the smallest issues, and some of the issues are just ridiculous.
  • Wondering: how much energy i will have to do 28.
  • What shows i will watch next month. Packed to the Rafters Perhaps….

A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes, Amy Tangerine, Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

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