Current Goals


To at least achieve one of the things listed.

[1] Organise my planner √

I sat down today and wrote all of the stickers out for various challenges and 28. Added in all of the appointments and activities that are coming up over the month ahead.

[2] To get organised for September’s round of 28 √ 

All workouts / Active recovery days added until December.

[3] 25 DAYS OF ACTIVE LIVING with Lorna Jane 

Found this via an email this morning, so added it into the planner.

[4] Meditate With Bellabeat 

This has only recently been added, and i have used it a couple of times, but i want to make meditation a regular habit.

[5] #blogtemberchallenge 

Have made all of the featured image’s and looking forward to working on posts.




4 Replies to “Current Goals”

  1. i only just found it in my email this morning, so have missed yesterdays although i am doing another round of the fitness plan that i am on so it works into that anyway.


  2. I didn’t even think to include blog tember but this is totally a goal! Stopping by from the link up! Great list 🙂


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