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Winter Favourites


I have been so looking forward to spring rolling around, even though it’s still has a little chill in the air. Thinking of all of the things that i love about winter though like – 


  • Grey Chain Knit Throw $25.00 – Kmart Haven’t quite worked out where i am putting this yet, but i got it last weekend when we went to Hobart, i really want to keep it with the small stool i also brought as they go really well together, just not sure where to put them.. 
  • Hot Chocolate from the 28bysamwood program. Usually made in the Thermomix. Having one now. 🙂 
  • Sitting by the fire, This house gets really cold. So we currently have the lounge room in the middle of the room (it’s separated into 3 parts – lounge, dining, study). The heater is in the middle of the room, so we change the lounge around for winter, and will change it around probably next week for the spring / summer seasons. 
  • A Blanket over me. Because of the cold, most of the day when i am sitting on the couch i have a blanket over me. 
  • A hot bath. Oh how i wish we had a spa. 
  • Binge watching old tv shows like The Gilmore Girls, Winners & Losers, Always Greener. I have spent a lot of the past few months doing this. 
  • Hot Soup from the 28 by sam woods program. I am more a Pumpkin soup girl, and i make a pretty wicked chuck it all in one in the Thermomix that only takes about 20 minutes. But this chicken and corn soup was so nice. 
  • Quinoa Porridge from our local cafe. This was delightful, sorry to say that i couldn’t eat it all, because it was so filling, but would have it again. 
  • Custard made in the Thermomix. Yes i know i am on 28, but this ™5 custard has gotten me through some really cold nights. Jack makes the automated one, and its a favourite around here. 



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