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Travel Plans


If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why? 

I have several places on my bucket-list.
  1. I have written many times on here that i would dearly love to go to Paris. I have always had a fascination / romanticised view of France / Paris. Jack and i have often talked about taking a trip there, and it’s still way up on the list of places that we want to visit.
  2. Over 20 years ago i read a series of books based on Dracula and set in Budapest / Hungry, and it has always been on my list to go and check it out.
  3. Since i was a young girl i have loved Phar Lap, and have seen him at the Melbourne Museum many times, As a Melbourne Born girl i have always wanted to go to the Melbourne Cup. In 2012 we had booked a cruise from Sydney to Melbourne which included tickets into the cup, and then we ended up moving to Tasmania a few months later so ended up cancelling the cruise, which was so disappointing.

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