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Breathe just Breathe


How do you de-stress/take care of yourself?

img_0441 // 📸: @ima28girl // Leaf Silver With my tree of life pendants. 


In may this year i brought myself a Bellabeat, it’s a fantastic device that looks like a piece of jewellery and can be used as a clip, a necklace and a bracelet (which is how i mostly wear it). It is a fitness tracker that can track steps & pretty much any activity, calories, Sleep & your Menstrual Cycle. But one of the best things that it can do is track & guide you through meditations & breathing. Some of my favourites are Inner Peace, Deep Sleep & Calming Anxiety. The meditations can be two minutes or ten, So depending on the day i can do several small meditation sessions or i can do a longer one.


img 7754

📸: @ima28girl & @mymemoryjar //Breathe by

 With the new iOS 10  update one of the things that i have been looking forward to is also the new watch update  which includes the breathe app. I know it is going to be very similar to the Bellabeat but love that i can switch between the two, which also enables me to free up a great deal of space off of my iPhone with all of the mediation apps that have wound up on my iPhone.


My perfect bathroom // 📸Bunnings

I used to lay in the bath with a good book, these days I lay in there with my phone reading Facebook watching you tube or doing a meditation. A terrible habit to get into I know.


📸: // 

I have a love / hate relationship with working out. Most days I do my utmost best to avoid doing one even though i know i should. I enjoy doing the Wednesday workouts as its mostly Yoga / Pilates based, i don’t mind resistance training either.

A walk along the Beach


 📸: @ima28girl & @mymemoryjar // Boat Harbour Beach, Tasmania

We are so lucky to live near such beautiful beaches, and there is nothing as calming as walking along them on a beautiful spring day.


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