Family Recipe


Friday 23rd September // A Family Recipe: (If grandma allows of course)


This is my late Nan, one thing i remember about her is her cooking. She instilled that in me. There are a few really standout dishes that i will always remember.

Her Pastizzies (Maltese Pasties) Ricotta in Filo Pastry. Any chess or fillings can be added. The link is a similar recipie.

Stick jaws. Which from memory where Toffee’s that where under cooked, they had a translucent look, and a sticky texture.


This is my Mum. She was a party queen. She was always the life of the party & the Queen of the kitchen. Her go to’s where Sausage Rolls, her secret ingredient was french onion soup, but she also made the most amazing Rum Balls. Growing up my dad was never one to cook, but he started making Egg & Bacon Pie. My brother Daniel now makes the sausage rolls, rum balls, & egg and bacon pie.


Me, well i love cooking i just rarely do it these days. I have all of the kitchen tools, and have done the courses, i have just lost interest.


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