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[Currently in September]

All was going along quite well until we all got sick. I pretty much spent a week in bed / sleeping. These questions are a combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes, Amy Tangerine, Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

Achieved: Watching the complete series of Packed to the Rafters.

Admiring: All of the Kmart / Home inspired pages, wishing my house was that organised.

Anticipating: The excitement of Festival Month.

Blogging: Well it’s still a few days out, but i think i got all of the Blog-Tember posts done

Buying: Brought the new Jimmy Barnes Book, waiting for it to be delivered.

Being: So sick SUCKS

Bookmarking: Houses on, yes thats how bored i have been

Cooking: Jack’s been going Indian Dishes & 28 Meals.

Considering: getting an Erin Condren Planner

Coveting: A good comfortable chair.

Craving: Some good coffee, being sick its the one thing that i have gone off of.

Creating: Nothing.

Current Kmart Unicorn: Lockers, Egg Chair.

Deciding: What planner to get for next year, i have tried so many this year and none of them worked for me. They all seemed to lack something. So i think i may just bite the bullet and go back to Erin Condren With a Family Kikki K.

Disliking: Being this unwell.

Disappointed: That i didn’t get what i wanted done this month.

Digging: The wrong girl, from what i have seen so far (i watched an advanced preview of it).

Drinking: Lots of Water.

Enjoyed / ing: Not being sick.

Eating: heaps of Indian food, need to kill this bug somehow.

Family Photo] (forgot to take it!): This is the longest that we have gone without taking the family photo.

Feeling: So sick, the flu is gone, but i still have a cough.

Finally: Lost some weight.. Yay Me. pity i had to get so sick to do it.

Following: All the dramas on the Kmart Pages over contact…

Habit: Drinking water.

Happy: That i will be getting out of the house again.

Happening right now. Watching 800 Words

Hoping: That i am well enough to do all of the things that i want to do in October.

Hearing: Forever Country.

Keeping: Up to date with all of the news today by watching the Project.

Location: Home. To sick to go anywhere.

Looking Forward to: Tunes in the Tulips.

Liking: That the only thing thats making me feel better is Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Loving: That there is so many choices on Fetch / Netflix / Presto & Stan of Australian TV Programs.

Listening To:  Forever Country.

Making: Nothing this month.

Main Goal This Week: Organise 28 for coming month.

Marvelling: At how many series i have watched so far this year.

Needing: to get a planner sorted out for the next few months.

Need to Start / Finish: Start a new TV Show, Finish sorting my room out.

Not Digging: Having the flu for so long.

Noticing: How little time i spent on Social media, updating my blog & taking photos whilst i was sick. I had no energy to do it.

Opening: The mail and finding my book early would be a nice thing.

Playing: With my Bellabeat, it doesn’t seem to by syncing properly at the moment.

Planning: All of the great things we are going to do in October

Pondering: Getting a new chair.

Reading:  Well i was hoping to have read Working Class Boy by Jimmy Barnes, what i have read online has been great, so really looking forward to reading the whole book.

Sorting: The house out slowly.

Sewing:  no…

Snacking: i have eaten so much JUNK this month.

Smelling: with the flu, not so much..

Thinking: That this blog post is a tad long.

TIME: 10:26pm

Waiting: For Kikki K to bring out the new Family Diary.

Watching: 800 Words / The Project.

Wanting: to go shopping.

Wasting: My days away.

Weather: Warm with some rain.

Wearing: Something comfortable.

Wishing: That i could hear properly, just another part of this flu.

What grind’s my Gears: Admin who think that they are gods gift to Facebook.

Wondering:  what exciting things i will get up to in October.

What shows i will watch next month. Looks like some interesting new shows coming. The Wrong Girl, The Secret Daughter, Brock.


  1. Hey Jules, Yes this flu isn’t moving, so frustrating. Not sure which dairy i am going to get for the coming year, brought so many this year so i know what doesn’t work for me.


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