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That Post on being the Black Sheep in the Family


For those that know me they would know that Family means the world to me. But for the past few years i have noticed more and more of them wanting to distance themselves from me.

It’s actually getting to the point where i wonder what i have said or done. It’s not like i am able to visit people i live in another state.

I don’t call anyone perhaps it’s that, maybe they think i don’t care, where really it’s the complete opposite i do care, i just don’t want to interfere in there lives, plus everyone is so busy these days.

Maybe i have just given up and want to concentrate on me for a change. Yeah i get that no one is the least bit interested in me losing weight (it’s why i don’t post it on my Facebook wall, i have a page for it). No one is interested in the Photos i take (Another Page). My Blog (Oh yeah another page for that too). I shouldn’t have to second guess everything i post, i scroll on by the posts that i find offensive.

Plus i have heard all of the excuses under the sun and then some. (There is a post somewhere on this blog of all of them, i just can’t locate it).

I get that perhaps most of the worlds population find me annoying, irritating & boring. I am not a horrible person, i actually care way too much, and it hurts like hell to know that people think i am this awful person. But you know what i would rather you tell me what i have done, rather than leave me wondering, and the truth is far better than the fictional story that you may have of me.


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