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Fun with Fours

I have done these in the past and they are quite interesting to look back on.

Everything is so serious and sad on Social Media these days. Let’s have a little fun… I’m genuinely curious to read other people’s answers…

Fun with Fours.

  • Four names I go by Nic / Cole / Mum / Nicole
  • Four places I’ve lived: Wynyard Tasmania / St Albans Victoria / Merredin Western Australia / Kelmscott, Western Australia
  • Four things I love to watch: Offspring / Winners & Losses / Brothers & Sisters / Spirited
  • Four places I have visited: New Zealand (Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, The Fiords) / Indonesia (Lombok, Bali, Komodo) / New South Wales / South Australia
  • Four things I love to eat: Pasta / Pizza / Pastizzies / Pop Corn
  • Four Favorite drinks:  Coffee / Cider / Vodka / Hot chocolate

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