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Another Q&A, this time by Nicole on Facebook. 
  1. Where is your cell phone? My mobile is next to me on the table.
  2. Your hair? Has too many knots in it.

  3. Your dad? No longer with us.

  4. Your other half? Has just left to go fishing.

  5. Your favorite food? Roasts

6. Your dream last night? Can’t recall having one. 

7. Your favorite drink? Coffee

8. Your dream/goal? To go to Paris. 

9. What room you are in? The living room

10. Your hobby? Memory keeper. 

11. Your fear? Losing those that i love. 

12. Your home away from home? Cafe Umami. 

13. Where were you last night? Cemetery Tour. 

14. Something that you aren’t? Awake. 

15. Muffins: Depends on how i feel. 

16. Wish list item? To build a new house 

17. Where you grew up? Victoria & Western Australia. 

18. Last thing you did? Had ice cream. 

19. What are you wearing now? Black Leggings, & Striped top. 

20. Your TV? Has the x factor australia on it. 

21. Your pets? 2 black cats – Mae & Ed, and a black & white hunerway dog called Ali. 

22. Friends? In real life i would say that my best friend is Jack

  1. Your life? Personally not all that busy, keeping up with Jack and Angel is a chore in itself.

  2. Missing someone? My Parents & Grandparents.

  3. Car? We no longer own one, we get hire cars a couple of times a month.

  4. Something you’re not wearing? my wedding rings, they keep falling off.

  5. Your favorite movie? Gone with the wind & breakfast at tiffanies.

  6. Your favorite color? Aqua.

  7. When is the last time you laughed? Really Laughed? Earlier tonight at Angel.

  8. Last time you cried? sometime in the last month.

  9. One place that I go to over and over? The Beach

  10. One person who messages me regularly? Jack and I have over 45k messages between us.

  11. My favorite place to eat? Cafe Umami.

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