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Fit. or not.

This month i have been doing both 28 & Tiffxo.

Sam was signed up to a health consultancy firm, and in October it was announced that Tiffany Hall from the biggest loser would also be part of the same firm.

½ way through October Sam changed his website, a large majority of the recipes disappeared, The meditations by Mooney vanished and all on 28 received a email from Tiffxo with lo and behold the recipes and meditations from Sam’s page.

Sam was offering a free t-shirt to sign up for November, Tiffxo was $24.95 for the first month.

So i have been going back and forth between the two mostly for the recipes. I haven’t done a work out in a few months.

But have made the decision to try Tiffxo out for a few months, i will re-assess next year which one i want to keep doing next year.


  1. Would love to hear your thoughts. I’ve been on 28 since Oct, have gotten great results, but have been tempted by Tiffxo because of all the discount codes.


    • I loved both program’s (taking a month off at the moment as i have been on a program each month since feb (MB12WBT (feb/april)/ 28 (may / nov)/ XO (nov)).

      I enjoyed Tiff’s one as it had a lot of Sam’s recipes that i was missing. My main reason for doing any program is the menu plan. i find when i don’t have one life is a lot less organised, meaning my husband choses the meals and they are either haphazard or bad for us. so this gives me some control over how healthy we eat.

      I did the workouts on 28, but stopped doing any working out after a few months. the weight has come back on. i have fallen into some old habits.

      they both have their advantage, and i wouldn’t knock either of them. i signed up for the nov 28 to get another shirt, and tiff because it was ½ price. but in choosing which one to go with i may give tiff another go in January.


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