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Getting it done..

So I have barely blogged this month at all despite me wanting to blog daily… so here is my list of things to do.. And how much I got done.

[1] Work on planner/s 

I sat and caught up on my main planner on Monday night. I hadn’t even picked it up in over a week, so was due to update it with all of the things that have already happened.

I got up this morning and worked on my Kikki K Family Diary adding what I have added to my main planner and the Tiffxo meal plan for week 4 / FMS Photo A Day for December.. Still not entirely sure how or what i will use this Family Diary for, i guess more Jack & Angel. I do know i am not liking the spiral coil and am considering putting it into my Studio Calico Planner.

The Leanne Baker Daily planner is weeks from being sent, I can’t wait to receive it, I have been busy buying stickers for it. I swear it is going to be my most organised planner ever.

[2] Clean up the house 

I have managed to sort out the pantry, and started sorting out the fridge.

We cleared the hallway and then managed to fill it up again with Christmas stuff.

I do need to go through the cupboards next.

[3] Go on a date with Jack / Go to the movies

Well it wasn’t so much a date as Angel was with us, but we did go and see Light Between Oceans, It was a premier of it put on by the Local Museum, even had a champagne.

[4] Have a Birthday dinner for Angel

As she was away at camp on the weekend before, with us picking her up on the Monday, and then having gymnastics on Tuesday her birthday on the Wednesday, but she had a school social on, then youth group on Friday. So Thursday ended up being the only night she wasn’t busy. I made her a drip cake from cakes i had brought from Woolworths and she had her favourite Pasta Meal.

[5] Sam / Tiffxo | Meditation & YogaGo for a beach walk

Joined both Sam & TiffXO. See the post about why I joined both this month.

Spent sometime this morning going through the meditations / mindfulness tips on TiffXO as I had been ignoring them and only concentrating on the meal plan side of things.

No Yoga.

I haven’t been to the beach in so long.

[6] Christmas 

Well it looks like the house has vomited Christmas everywhere. In each nook and cranny, you will find a bauble, a tree or 8, a herd of reindeer, a flock of Angel’s and so much more. and the only thing i keep thinking about is …. storage!

[7] Photos (Photo a day / update photo books 

Not a chance in hell of this one…

[8] Blog more 

In actual fact i think i have blogged less this month than i have all year..

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