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Leanne Baker Daily Planner Unboxing / Goal Setting / Plans

The Leanne Baker Daily [LBD] arrived this morning, and i love it.

I chose the floral one as i felt that was the closet that would work with the kikki k one i also will be using.

The packaging was lovely (as was the cookie).

With all of Jack & Angel’s appointments (School / Uni / Dr’s / Work / Hobbies / Sports and so much more), I am hoping that this planner will work for that..

I have purchased a variety of stickers and will be getting more to add to the planner for Assorted public holidays, School holidays School terms and dates, Pays / bills, Weight loss, Steps, sleep, Dr’s Appointments, Photo a day, Boats for Jack when he goes sailing, Gymnastics for Angel, Popcorn for movie nights, Dinner out, Wine, Cancelled, Coffee, Assorted home, Christmas & new year Including some fun ones for Kmart trips and when offspring starts back in 2017.

[Planner Contents]

  • Monthly view (tabbed for each month), Habit Tracker x3, Memory making box
  • Goals (see mine for December below)
  • Daily Page for each weekday with list of three, notes, 5am-9pm schedule, morning / afternoon / evening sections, self care
  • Weekend together on a page with list of three, morning / afternoon / evening sections, self care
  • Weekly Meal plan before the Monday of each week.

[Goal Setting – December]

  • Self care: Paint Nails once a month to stop from breaking and chipping. Affirmation: Take sometime to look after me.
  • Family/Relationships: Take a family photo on the last day of each month. More coffee dates. Do ½ family things per month. Affirmation: Enjoy the little moments
  • Health: Re-join TiffXO in January (Taking December off) Drink more water. Workout sometime during the week. Meditation / breathing / yoga. Tapping.
  • Finance: Save!!! work on Menu Plan.
  • Fun: Look at christmas lights, go to the beach, Christmas carols / parades.
  • Home: Sort our room out.


As this will be my main planner & the kikki k a secondary one. I want to be able to use it for family, blogging, photos, weightloss, craft projects, bill etc.

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