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Goals / January

Goals in January

Self care:

  1. Drink more water: We are 6 days into the new year and i have been drinking 1-2 600ml bottles a day, now i know that this doesn’t sound like a lot, but i am trying to increase it.
  2. walk more: So far i have failed at this my aim was to walk 5000 steps a day (S) 1234 (M) 5295 (T) 2081 but didn’t close my activity on my apple watch (W) 1601 (T) 1790
  3. meditate: in the quiet moments during the day or at night i am meditating.
  4. take asthma puffer: trying to when i remember. (i have set up a spot in my jewellery box thats by my bed for my face cream and puffer as a reminder to do both).
  5. clean face each night and put moisturiser on. See above.


  1. Take a family photo on the last day of each month. managed to take one in december, as we have done every new years since 2011/12
  2. Date night: doubt this is going to happen, even with our anniversary coming up.
  3. More coffee dates. even this is….


  1. Re-join TiffXO in January: Broke as at the moment so i am hoping that i can.
  2. Drink more water. see self care.
  3. Workout sometime during the week. worked out monday, its now friday… and i havent done it again.
  4. Meditation / breathing / yoga. trying to do the meditation and breathing.
  5. Tapping. when i remember too.

Finance: Save!!!

  1. Start a savings account: no money in account at the moment, so once i get some will attempt after i pay the couple of things that i have to pay will see how much i can start with. wouldn’t mind starting with the 52 week savings challenge.
  2. buy a gift card each fortnight: i really like this idea and if i can i will get one.


  1. Movie night: Angel and i started watching a movie
  2. picnic: still no car so don’t think will get this one done.
  3. more outings: as above.
  4. finally sit down and read Jimmy Barnes Book. i am so watching to read this but i just cant focus lately.


  1. Sort out kitchen, laundry, bathroom: I have every intention of working on the house before we have a rent inspection.
  2. konmari: hmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  3. declutter: i have been writing down various new year declutter lists down, i have managed a couple of small things, but i am getting overwhelmed.

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