Memory Jar…

I posted about the Memory Jar i made the other day. now i shake the thing up before i do it, and shuffle it around. the past few days the tickets that have come up have matched something else happening.
Keep in mind that i hand wrote over 200 tickets. and i pull one out randomly each day. (Ticket)
1st Jan – (stop, stretch, exhale often)
New years day 
2nd Jan – (Create a Cleaning Schedule)
I joined up to several decluttering groups / pages and started sorting the house out 
3rd Jan – (Recycle more)
Still cleaning, still sorting.
4th Jan – (Make your fave meal)
Spag Bol was on the dinner menu 
5th Jan – (Life wish go to paris)
6th Jan – (worry less)
I was feeling very overwhelmed because i had made a list of all of the decluttering lists that had come up in the past week, but after deleting what we had already done, realised that i had achieved much more than i had thought, and in some cases because i am using several lists, some of these have the same things on it. 
7th Jan – (pay down debt)
8th Jan – (celebrity crush)
9th Jan – (keep binging in check)
Was due to start TiffXO today 
So woke up this morning, check to see what was on the Emily Ley Facebook for today and then got up and went to my memory jar. 
Insert spooky soundtrack
Today – (remove toxic people from your life)
Detox social media
Now i am very reluctant to do so, but for them both to come up with something so similar its quite eerie.

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Hey There, I’m Nic. I am a "Home Executive Blogger" who blogs too much and takes too many photos. I am a collector of memories, moments and relish in the snippets and slices of everyday life, I like to call myself an Everyday Life Photo Journalist. I live with my beloved husband, daughter, we live near the sea in Tasmania with our many pets. I love home decorating, meaning i spend way too much at Kmart.

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