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2017 Goals


In January i got the Leonie Dawson 2017 Shining Year in Life workbooks, i eagerly filled out my 100 goals, i was just checking through and i am thrilled to cross off so many so quickly.

  • Get a Fitbit – I have had my new fitbit charge 2 coming up to 2 weeks now and i am loving it. 
  • Buy jack’s my life story book – Well i brought it, it was sort of delivered (they sent the our life story), had to send it back, and i am waiting for the correct copy to arrive. 
  • Get a pandora bracelet – It was our wedding anniversary in January and Jack brought me a Pandora Tennis Bracelet & Ring. I have my eye on another ring for Valentines Day. 🙂 
  • Watch the sunset / Go outside – this is two goals but its fun to combine things. We went out on the boat a couple of times. 
  • Let Angel cook dinner –  I am getting Angel to cook one meal a week, last night she made Spag Bol. She did a fantastic job. 
  •  Journal – i have gotten my old Q&A Sentence a day book out and i am filling in the days that i haven’t done yet. I have been using this book since 2011, so for a 5 year book it has done well. 
  • Go to Reliquaire – We have been wanting to see the newest incarnation of this store, the original one burnt down on christmas eve 2015, They then went into a nearby home for a while and they are now in there own home until the new store gets rebuilt. As always it is filled to the brim with toys &  treasures. 
  • Organise my craft area –  This process has taken what has set like years, but i am almost there. There is probably one more box to be done. I will have to do a smaller cull of a couple of smaller containers that i have just thrown together. But a majority of it is now in the correct containers. 


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