Goals in March

Hello Birthday month..

Self care:

  • Nails.
  • Look after hair.


  • Hang out with Jack when he is home.
  • Coffee Date / Date night.
  • Angel when she is and not in her room.


  • Rejoin Tiff xo
  • Water.
  • Walking.
  • Workouts.


  • Pay off debt.


  • Movies.


  • Get house back in order.


  • Birthday month.. – figure out what i am going to do for mine and Jack’s birthday.

Goals in February 

Self care:

  1. Water + a 500/600ml bottle a day, i know this isn’t the recommended but for someone that doesn’t drink a lot of water this is a huge amount. – I wouldn’t say i failed, but i would say that i didn’t dink as much water as i should have. 
  2. Vitamins + Missed taking one yesterday. but had been going great all month. Yes have missed a few days here and there, but most days i remembered to take them. 
  3. Nails + need to clean and repaint. My nails have never looked so sad. They are starting to grow back after a majority of the past 8 weeks of them being really brittle and breaking all of the time. 
  4. Meditate + Same as last month. – Quiet meditation in quiet moments. 
  5. Yoga + – Nope. 


  1. Family movie night +  We usually try and watch a family movie on a Saturday night. – We have had a couple of movie nights together. 
  2. Family Photo + (meant to take one tonight, Jack and Angel havent been home at the same time). 
  3. Date Night / Coffee Date + i think we may have had one or two coffee dates. Now that Jack is back at work and his shifts are so crazy. 


  1. Tiff XO + Need to concentrate on the workouts. Food has been ok, workouts zip.. 
  2. Walking + I am taking part in The Good Life Gang, walking challenges. didn’t get to 250k steps but i never expected too. 


  1. Save!!! + hahahaha
  2. Pay zip pay + & not spend it again.. need to get it back up. paid it twice and spent it twice.. opps. 


  1. Studio Calico Planner Bootcamp + Joined waiting for stamps – Completed. 
  2. Movie night + There is a local free movie night coming up, not sure if we will get there or not. – Didn’t go. 
  3. Take photos + Still doing FMS photo a day. not every day will be a prompt but i am taking a lot of photos. – Taking photos most days. saving quotes and Facebook screenshots to add into the days that i miss. 
  4. Work on Project Life (get photos printed) + Really need to sit down and get this done. its only 4 pages. 
  5. Memory Jar Prompts + This is going great, i am noting down the ones that i had picked in my planner.  – missed a few days but just been doing them in bulk. 


  1. Project 14 + Joined. Completed. 
  2. Project 14 2.0 + Waiting to join. – joined, and on day 6, 7 started yesterday so need to catch up. 
  3. Continue to Declutter +34 containers are now filled to the brims. – havent really done any major decluttering . 


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