Daily Archives: March 16, 2017

Little Letters

The Social Edition

Dear Facebook,
If I wanted drama I would have become an actress. You are just behaving like a 4 year old who has just wandered into her Dad’s BBC interview. Dance like no one is watching.

Dear Instagram,
So many stories so little time.

Dear TimeHop,
Once upon a time I loved you so very much, I visited everyday, but since you added all of the ads in between each photo, you have become a pain in the ass to use..

Dear Wix,
Thanks for letting me hang out here.

Dear WordPress,
It’s not you it’s me…

Dear Pinterest,
Why do you have to be so pretty and irresistible. But seriously the broken links… OMG!

Dear YouTube,
Thanks for keeping me occupied. With over 500 items in my watch later list with it growing daily I think I will be busy and neglecting everything else for months..

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