Allergic to Life

What have you been complaining about most lately? Is there a way to see that differently?

Being an Asthmatic & allergic to grasses and dust it hasn’t been a ball of fun this week that’s for sure. It probably hasn’t helped that we went to various farms over the two weekends.

For just over a week my allergies have been OUT OF CONTROL. Tears, stinging eyes, migraines / headaches and a general feeling of BLAH.

If I could see out of my eyes that would be a great start. I am basically having to wear dark glasses when outside in order to see anything.

Taking nurophen + is only making me sleepy. I have tried chemist antihistamines and clarintine, even probiotics and resorted to Apple Cider Vinegar for the past two days.

Any suggestions would be great.

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Hey There, I’m Nic. I am a "Home Executive Blogger" who blogs too much and takes too many photos. I am a collector of memories, moments and relish in the snippets and slices of everyday life, I like to call myself an Everyday Life Photo Journalist. I live with my beloved husband, daughter, we live near the sea in Tasmania with our many pets. I love home decorating, meaning i spend way too much at Kmart.

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