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Month: April 2017


Day 31 Gratitude This month I am greatful for: Lots of coffee. The school holidays are so draining. Netflix & Stan. I have been Binge watching shows like Love Child, […]


A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in. Achieved; Eating way too much […]

Your dream job.

Your dream job. Growing up I always wanted to be an Architect or a Vet, neither happened, I fell into working in the Hospitality sector, which then led me into […]

Tv Time…

Check the shows you’ve watched, if you have watched 10 or more, you are an addict! 13 Reasons Why Gilmore Girls ✔ Grey’s Anatomy ✔ Jessica Jones Stranger Things The Vampire […]

Through the Lens I see;

Through the Lens I see; Little moments that mean the world to me. Through the Lens I see; The Quiet times. Through the Lens I see; The best of times. Through the Lens […]

26 things

Twenty-six things about me. A – Age: 44 B – Biggest fear: Dying C – Current time: 3pm D – Drink you last had: Coffee  E – Every day starts […]


I know that my latest edition of currently isn’t due for a few days yet but thought I would do another quick version of it. STARTING… To get really annoyed […]

Life Lists

  Here is another list I found on Facebook.   Where was your profile picture taken? at The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens on 2nd April 2017. Do you play Pokemon Go? It’s […]

#52 Stories

Do you have one special vacation spot that you return to again and again? What do you love about it? I wouldn’t say that it’s a vacation spot, but we […]

Jump in…

I post a lot on here about answering the questions that your kids may ask after you are no longer here, I have just finished reading this post, and it’s […]

Pros and cons of your job.

Pros and cons of your job. I don’t have a paying job, but I do spend a lot of time blogging. PROS I get to set my own hours I […]

Stories of Me

Write an “About Me” about yourself. Over my blogging years I have written many an “about me”, in a way most of this blog is “stories of me” I wrote […]

Life Goals

5 big goals you have for your life. To build our own house again If you are friends with me on Pinterest you will no doubt know I have an obsession […]

#52 Stories

Who was your first best friend? Are you still in contact with each other? Yes I have 3 very dear friends from high school, 20’s. In fact I am still […]

Little Letters

Dear Easter Bunny, See you in the morning. Most things are prepared for your arrival. Still a couple of little things to make, oh and by the way our cat […]

Bedroom Makeover

I put a very large Kmart lay-by on last weekend, consisting of new sheets (I can’t even recall when I brought a new set of sheets last, I also need […]


What brings you joy every single day? The quiet moments when I can think a complete thought bring me so much joy. 🙂 A hot cup of coffee.  A freshly […]

Coffee & Chat Tuesday

HI Coffee Friends, If we where having coffee right now I would tell you that It’s been a little while since I checked in hasn’t it. So what have I […]

Small things that make you happy.

  Coffee // Coffee dates Walks on the beach Binge watching Netflix // Movies Going to Kmart // Shopping Project Life // Taking photos // Art Journaling // Brush Lettering Via […]

OPPO f1s Vs iPhone 6s+

So I got a new 📱 today. The OPPO f1s. Angel told me about it, she got one as well. I mainly brought it because my iPhone got smashed last […]

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