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Bedroom Makeover


I put a very large Kmart lay-by on last weekend, consisting of new sheets (I can’t even recall when I brought a new set of sheets last, I also need new pillows), a throw blanket & a lot of cushions, there may even be more than this. & I do have my eye on a couple of others.


Not that I needed another throw but the texture of this one was so nice that I had to have it.


I have a paper bag that I love, but I am not keen on putting my clothes in it as I don’t want to rip it, so when I saw this I had to have it. I actually spotted it a few days before when picking up a furniture lay-by but didn’t get it. It will save my clothes being all over the floor.


We have small bedside tables (see bedroom photos below), mine is a complete disaster at the moment because the cat knocked all of my jewellery off of the peg board on the wall, so grabbed this as well so I can put the bits and pieces in that accumulate around my side of the bed.


I have a small wall hanging behind my ladder in these colours so these should go nicely with that.


I am also loving these from spotlight, but need to find the money to buy them, most are currently 1/2 price or lower.

We have had my Mum & stepdad’s bed for about 7 or 8 years now, and I have always wanted to paint it white, but I was told by several people that I can’t so I figure its easier to just buy a new bed / bedhead. Not long after we moved here we got a new mattress so thats about 4 almost 5 years old now.

I do like these from Target, but not sure where I would put them.


Not that I need another lamp but I love this one. It would go so well with the dark chair that I want from spotlight.


Over the past 6 or so months I have been replacing the furniture that we brought with us with items from Kmart.


That corner off the room bothers me. Jack has started to use his Telecope again so wants it in the room. I am so over moving that grandmother clock. I want to paint that white too but have bene again told NO… & I need to find a new lampshade.


This is the jewellery pegboard that the cat knocked everything off of. I wish my bedside table was this clean again, but the shelves and jewellery stuff is all over it.


Happy with the bedding, but have brought more to go with it.


Still working on this area.


I love my clothes rack, its one of my favourite items



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