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Stories of Me

stories of me

Write an “About Me” about yourself.


family photo April 2017

Over my blogging years I have written many an “about me”, in a way most of this blog is “stories of me


I wrote this one a couple of years ago.

Hello to you Dear Reader,

Hello and a very warm welcome to you. 

This is my personal blog where i write about Family, Photos, Food & Craft. 

Posts are often random, but many are about our daily family life living here in Tasmania. 

I’m Nic

I am 43

I am Married to Jack. 

We have a daughter Angel.

I am a stay at home mum,

who spends much of my days working on Memory Keeping,

Almost three years ago we made the move to Tasmania from western Australia,

We have a Hunterway Pup, 2 very lazy, very spoilt cats. 

After trying the rest, i came back to the best blogging platform in 2013, and i haven’t looked back. 

My Quirks are 

  • Being too attached to my phone, 
  • Taking too many photos, 
  • Spending way too much time on the internet,  
  • Painting things white, 
  • Decorating the house, 
  • Buying Handbags, Planners & Scarves, 
  • Watching too much TV,  
  • I was born the same day as Young & the Restless started on US TV,  
  • I have never driven a car, 
  • I am 4ft3 my Husband is 6ft, 
  • Still got a long way to go by jimmy barnes is my anthem. i have been listening to it since my 21st birthday and i am almost 42.

The Beltane’s

I have now changed the name of my blog to Nic Beltane, much easier that way. I am now 44. Life is pretty much the same as the above. We moved to Tasmania September 2012 & we are still here. Still got 1 dog & Two cats. Jack is still driving trains & Angel is almost 16 and in year 10.

Via The girl who loved to write

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