What Projects are you working on?

I have been working on my Traveler’s Notebook. I need to take photos of the pages I have done and write a new post up.

I did the week in the life, well I took photos, I am still working on blog posts, and then I have to print the whole lot out and put into an album. weather I get that far is whole other question.

I moved all of my emails from all of the different mailboxes back into the inbox. Time to go through and get rid of all of the clutter that’s been coming through.

I am still setting up my desk area. In fact we where looking for something tonight and now all of the boxes of crap are on the floor needing to be sorted into the proper spots, so thats tomorrows big job… PS why do I have so much unused Washi Tape.

Working on my Leeanne Baker Daily Planner,

Working on getting healthier. I restart TIFFXO on Monday. Yes I have been on the program but I have been binging on so much junk it’s insane.. so back to basics in May.

I start Blog everyday in May on Monday so that should be fun.

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