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MAY 1 Goal setting. What are your plans for today? (And/or this week? This month? This year?)

Day 1 Goal setting.

What are your plans for today? (And/or this week? This month? This year?)


from my Leeanne Baker Daily Planner.

SELF CARE – Do nails – Buy Silver Nail Polish – Do something with my hair (it’s been 11 years this month since I went to a hairdresser, crazy right).

FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS – Take Family photo for April (Done) – Take for May

HEALTH – re-start tiffxo

FINANCE – Pay blog

FUN – Watch a movie.

HOME – Get organised for next rent inspection (not sure when it is yet)


Once upon a time I used to do a monthly agenda it’s been a long while since I have done one of those here. (I won’t include Jack’s Work, Angel’s School, before and after school activities. & I have various blog posts scheduled for most days this month, I am also doing TiffXO & FMS Photo-a-Day). * I have written a prompt for each day in my Leeanne Baker Daily Planner but I can’t recall now where they came from.


School’s Back.

TiffXO Restarts / Weigh  / Measure (not done)

Take April family photo (Done)

New month of FMS Photo-a-Day; window

  • Give yourself a makeover.


2/ Love Child’s Back.

FMS Photo-a-Day; no filter

  • Volunteer for a cause you care about.


BP MAY 2 — Scheduled


FMS Photo-a-Day; skyline

  • Complete a paint by numbers.


BP The Gifts of… — Scheduled

BP MAY 3 — Scheduled


FMS Photo-a-Day; inside my house

  • Visit a local park.


BP MAY 4 — Scheduled


FMS Photo-a-Day; on my plate

  • Teach yourself to knit.


6/ Vote.

FMS Photo-a-Day; nature

  • Take a dance class.



FMS Photo-a-Day; wish

  • Read a magazine.


BP #52 Stories — Scheduled


FMS Photo-a-Day; paint

  • Play frisbee



FMS Photo-a-Day; stairs

  • Donate Clothes



FMS Photo-a-Day; I love

  • Slide across the floor in your socks.


11/ Dad’s Anniversary

FMS Photo-a-Day; eyes

  • Go for a bike ride



FMS Photo-a-Day; wire

  • write thank you cards



FMS Photo-a-Day; free choice

  • jump rope


14/ Mothers Day

FMS Photo-a-Day; quirky

  • plant a garden


BP #52 Stories — Scheduled


FMS Photo-a-Day; begins with A

  •  Put together a puzzle



FMS Photo-a-Day; street art

  • skip rocks at a pool



FMS Photo-a-Day; clouds

  • go to the aquarium



FMS Photo-a-Day; pastel

  • listen to a podcast.



FMS Photo-a-Day; learn

  • clean out your closet



FMS Photo-a-Day; music

  • learn to skateboard


21/ Twin Peaks

FMS Photo-a-Day; memories

  • Karaoke night



FMS Photo-a-Day; sometimes I

  • pick flowers (this is now what I am thinking is causing my allergies)



FMS Photo-a-Day; simplicity

  • go bowling.



FMS Photo-a-Day; hat

  • watch a ted talk



FMS Photo-a-Day; linen

  • Grafts?



FMS Photo-a-Day; quote

  • fly a kite



FMS Photo-a-Day; shop

  • learn to juggle



FMS Photo-a-Day; depth of field

  • Listen to a playlist on your phone or youtube.



FMS Photo-a-Day; I want to eat this

  • Do some yoga



FMS Photo-a-Day; in my hand

  • Make a Memory box



FMS Photo-a-Day; something red

  • play laser tag


BP – Gratitude — Scheduled

BP – When you love someone — Scheduled

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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