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Share a favorite memory from your childhood.

Found Love. Now What?

Day 9,

Share a favorite memory from your childhood.

I went looking on my Facebook for photos of this and what really hit me was what a disaster my Facebook photos / albums are..

Whilst it isn’t a favourite memory it is a memory. I was about 9 or ten and my dad was working on a roof (he was a tiler), and he fell off, it was raining and I covered him with a tarp we had. I don’t even recall how I got help to come its all a blur.

I remember a birthday party when I was older, and I was walking the cake bake up the stairs and I tripped. Mum wasn’t happy.

I remember riding my fold up bike and my brother was with me, he was ridding head on into a car I rode infant of him to move him out of the way and I went into a tree and the bike folded up..

I remember us driving across the Nullarbor, the 5 of us and our dog.

I remember Mum dressing up as a clown for birthdays, and making our cakes from the womens weekly birthday book. She was always the life of the party.

I remember my Nan always being around, & when we where told that my grandfather had passed.

Being one of the oldest I always spent a lot of time with my younger cousins. Some great memories.



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