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5 Things I am loving right now

A few days ago when I wrote the Kmart Mothers day post I mentioned that I had been looking at a few things. These are on the higher end of the scales rather than the Kmart Budget items I shared on the other post. So the I doubt I will get any in the near future but a girl can dream.

Michael Kors

Handbag // I have a MK Jetset bag that I have had for 5 years now, and as much as I love it, I find that the lack of cross body strap is my biggest issue, so when I found this one I knew it could be the right fit. I pretty much always have my camera with me so that’s always my first priority in a bag. A while ago I found the Jill-e camera bag which is very similar in style to this, but for some reason I never got around to buying it and now can’t find one. This one I will be saving up for.. $399 at catch of the day..

Tracker // Those that have been hanging out here for a while would know I have tried many fitness trackers, I am currently using the Apple Watch & a Fitbit Charge and also a Bellabeat (when I get around to putting a new batter into it). But saw this one and lust fell in love. I am a huge jewellery fan / wearer so anything that looks like jewellery but also has another use is always a good thing. Whilst around the $150 mark this is more attainable.


EOS M6 // I discovered this last night, and fell head over heels in love with it. We have many canon cameras so already have several Lenses that will fit this one, Jack likes it because it will work on his telescope. I like it because it would make a great Blogging / Vlogging camera (Which is something I want to look at getting into). I am currently using the Olympus Pen EPL-7 which looks remarkably similar to this, the flip down screen flips down on the pen-7 and up on the M6, which is better because it will go on a tripod, where the pen doesn’t. $1000+ depending on which lens you buy with the camera this is a high end item.


Ring / Bracelet / Charms // Anything from Pandora would be nice.. I have two pandora pieces and they are both lovely, a ring (that’s too big) and a tennis bracelet. They are affordable and very pretty. I also like Nikki Lissoni Jewellery which is around the same price point. ($129 for this ring)


Erin Condren // I love buying planners, and the new released ones look so nice. only problem is me wanting to order every accessory as well. (I went to EC website and I personalised one of these in Rose Gold Coil & Foil writing / 18 month planner and it came to $85 without shipping).

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