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Fashion, beauty or life tip

A fashion, beauty or life tip

Well I am no fashionista, and I am not one to wear makeup, so the only thing I have to offer you is a life tip.

Ask Questions..

I know I am always on about this. And it can be the most simplest of things. with mothers day coming up in a few days why not visit your mum and ask her and any other old family member’s / siblings etc about your families history.

Now most people know the basics like Birth, Marriage Deaths etc. But what about those little things like

  • How did your parents meet
  • What was high school like for them.
  • When your mum found out she was pregnant what where her thoughts
  • Was she hoping for a boy or a girl.
  • Did she lose any babies / infants.
  • Did she work and if so where.
  • What are the houses they lived in like. (another fun thing is to look the homes up on google / trove / real estate pages).
  • Look through old photos together and ask questions about the photo
  • Take notes on your phone and a photo of the photo, there are some great memory keeping apps out there that would be helpful.
  • If they know dates, people in the photo, write that all down.
  • I am working on 52 Stories this year from Family search which is a great start, but a quick google search of questions to ask older family members will bring you up a wealth of ideas.

When my grandmother passed away in 2005 I was given a lot of albums of her photos, over the years I have sorted through them and put all of the information that I can work out on project life cards next to the photo.

For people I don’t know much information about I have set a file up called the Unidentified Project and I just add photos to it when I sort through them, any information that I find online through Ancestry I put with the photos. My grandmothers side of the family still remains my biggest mystery. Considering I spent many years with her, and even in my teenage years lived with her, I am still unaware of who she was and who her family where. I don’t even know her fathers name.

So I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to ask questions.

So give your Mother, Yourself, Your Family and future generations the gift of history this year..

Edited 12th May (NOT A SPONSORED Post)

StoryWorth // Found on Facebook

I have just come across this wonderful book called StoryWorth. Which sends you a weekly prompt and at the end of it you can order a book of stories written by your parent / grandparent or even yourself.


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