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In honor of Mother’s Day

Day 10,

What is the most important thing your Mom (Mum)/ Auntie/ Grandma taught you? {In honor of Mother’s Day!

Found Love. Now What?
My Mum, StepMum, Grandmothers, and my Aunties all taught me how to stand up for what I believe in.
Yes at times we butted heads and disagreed with what the other had to say, but without a doubt they are the ones that showed me that I don’t need to sit back and be a church mouse.
They showed me that I don’t need to be afraid of the world out there I need to explore it. For my 21st birthday my grandmother gave me a suitcase, it was only a few months ago that my daughter Angel was asking do we have a suitcase for when she is due to go away in a few months and I said yes, that it occurred to me that my grandmother brought it for me so I could explore that world. that’s the wish / dream that she had for me.
My Mum was always very supportive (ok perhaps shocked and upset when I eloped), but years later she did tell me how proud of me she was.
To these wonderful woman this mothers day I give them thanks. Thanks for giving me life, for supporting me and for loving me unconditionally.
I send them love

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