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10 things that make you happy


10 things that make you happy

  1. Good coffee and lots of it. Also a working coffee machine helps (a new one is on my wish list).
  2. New sheets – i picked up my kmart lay-by and we put the new sheets on the bed, i honestly can’t remember when i brought new sheets its been a while we have just been rotating through older ones. and what a game changer i actually had a decent nights sleep. so will be investing in more new ones in the next few months. Especially for winter, because these are so warm.
  3. Heated throw rug – i would have walked past this, but Jack said grab it. and its currently sitting across my legs / feet and its not even on, and its so toasty.
  4. Apple Cider – (i am writing this on a friday night), Jack brought me some cider and boy is it going down well.
  5. A clean house – Having rent inspections means having to clean up all of those little bits and pieces that get in the way, not having to see them makes things look so tidy.
  6. The TV not freezing up in the middle of watching a series. Stan is driving me crazy i just want to finish watching Twin Peaks, before season three starts. Guess how i will be spending the weekend.
  7. Kmart bargains – we went in tonight and got a couple of things. angel got some tops for $2/$3 each which are great for work experience. Pity the top i brought myself didn’t fit, and Angel ended up with yet another one.
  8. Cushion Covers. – How hard is it to get covers. Well we went into our local cheap shop tonight and for them for under $3 each so i grabbed 7 of them, but will be going back for more, just needed to work out how many i needed. I am always buying cushions, but they do tend to get a little outdated. so picked grey’s / pinks / black & white that i can mix and match with what i already have.
  9. Cosmetic Caddy. I picked this up at our local cheap shop as well for $9.99. I have been looking for a while for a way to store things like Nail Polish, Moisturiser etc and this is brilliant. I paid a lot more for the ones that didn’t end up working.
  10. Having my blog organised enough that i don’t even have to write every post up because i have already done it.

What doesn’t make me happy 

  1. My laptop not working.

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