A list for the week ahead

A list for the week ahead

Whilst not a full list of our next few weeks it will be an interesting. Me well i will just be blogging to my hearts content & getting to know the pup. Taking photos, getting the house organised. Once jack leaves arguing with Angel about doing things around the house that she refuses to do. Jack finishes up at his current job and starts a new one. I used to do these agenda type updates each month.

Thursday 25th May(A) Breakfast Club

Friday 26th May | (A) Breakfast Club 

Saturday 27th May | (J) Last day @work.

Sunday 28th May |

Monday 29th May | (A) Work Experience (A) Gymnastics 

Tuesday 30th May | 

Wednesday 31st May |(A) Breakfast Club (A) Gymnastics

Thursday 1st June |(A) Breakfast Club (J/N) Pick up the puppy. 

Friday 2nd June | (A) Breakfast Club (J) Melbourne

Saturday 3rd June | 

Sunday 4th June |

Monday 5th June | (J) Start new job (A) Work Experience (A) Gymnastics


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