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Date Night

Whether you’re attached or single, share with us your ideal date night.

Date night’s are a very rare thing for Jack & I. We generally go out for breakfast or Brunch or just coffee and sometimes cake. To be honest i can’t really recall the last time we actually went on a date at night, that we didn’t have Angel with us. Since he is going away next week i guess we should organise something this week .

So what would I like to do… Eat out somewhere, we are both into Indian food at the moment so that’s an option. Perhaps go to a movie or stay home and have Indian and watch a movie on Netflix, with some wine and cheese, or ciders. Go for a walk along the beach, we haven’t done that in ages. If he where writing this he would say go sailing on his boat.

Most of the time we just stay home and hang out watching TV (usually something that i want to watch hahaha).  Being a Friday night it will be – the News, Neighbours, Better Homes & Gardens, The Living Room, an old episode of Bones, and any shows i haven’t watched through the day that has recorded.


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