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When you love someone


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Someone you love


I really do think I dreamed him into life.

Growing up I never thought that I would or could ever find the love that I have now.

I didn’t think that, that love existed.

He loves me…

He makes me laugh.

He holds my hand.

He is my one.

He is my all.

He catches me when I am down and stops me from falling (when I am standing on a ladder or a chair doing things my way).

We share little moments and jokes that only he and I get.

They once said that we would never last, going onto 17 years I think we have well and truly surpassed what peoples expectations where.

Crazy adventures, ever changing places, spaces and lives.

But he is the only one I want to fall asleep next each night.

17 years ago one of us sent and one of us replied to an email and the rest is history..

and I wouldn’t have it any other way…


the love of my life.

Via The girl who loved to write

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