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Month: June 2017

News & Stuff

Not really a lot going on around here. So dot point it is. (currently post to go live today as well). Jack will be back for the weekend (not this […]


Why should we visit there? In the spring and summer months the town is bustling with people from all over the world as part of the Burnie Shines month where […]


What makes it special? Where we live is such a pretty little town. Oceans on one-side, hills, valleys and mountains beyond on the other. Tulips growing atop of a volcano […]


Where do you live? At the moment we live in a little coastal town near Burnie Tasmania. We live around 600mtrs from the beach / Local wharf. The town has […]


Where are you from? I was born in Melton, Victoria (Vic) in 1973. We moved to Western Australia (WA) when I was 1. My Sister was born in 77 & Brother […]

News @ home

I had set a number posts to go up over the weeks so not sure what has gone up and what hasn’t. I am currently typing this message in “Real […]

A spot of silver shopping

so have been doing a spot of shopping… Opps. these fell into my online carts over the past few weeks Uberkate   a necklace with mine and jacks names on […]

Little Letters

Hey all,  How did we end up almost a week after my last post… That rolled around quick.  Dear Saturday, Well what can I say but you sucked.. My reasons are […]

Menu Plan

Whilst i can’t share the actually recipes for these as they are from the TiffXO program variations of them should be available on google.

What’s On You’re Plate

What’s on your plate? Jack left for Melbourne on Friday morning so this past 2½ Days have been adjusting to our new normal & our new pup. (Mind you i […]

Hello June

June starts an interesting new period in our lives. It doesn’t look like a lot is happening, but we are taking things day by day as to how things pan […]