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A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in. Achieved | Survived with out Jack being here, although some problems have popped up that i need him to deal with. Admiring | Laptop bags, then i gave the laptop ...

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Not really a lot going on around here. So dot point it is. (currently post to go live today as well). Jack will be back for the weekend (not this one next one), so that will be nice. Angel’s still at school, school holidays are coming up in a few weeks. So things will slow ...


Why should we visit there? In the spring and summer months the town is bustling with people from all over the world as part of the Burnie Shines month where there are various events held in the suburbs in and around Burnie. From art shows, Garden Festivals, a running race and much more. Unfortunate this year ...



What makes it special? Where we live is such a pretty little town. Oceans on one-side, hills, valleys and mountains beyond on the other. Tulips growing atop of a volcano Plug. Fossilised Bluff. Lighthouse and so much more. Leaving here is going to be very hard as it is such a beautiful place to live. ...


Where do you live? At the moment we live in a little coastal town near Burnie Tasmania. We live around 600mtrs from the beach / Local wharf. The town has around 3000 people in it. It is a tourist town from around September to January / February. Famous for its Tulips and various other events. ...


Where are you from? I was born in Melton, Victoria (Vic) in 1973. We moved to Western Australia (WA) when I was 1. My Sister was born in 77 & Brother in 79. Then we moved back to Vic. stayed there a few years. Then back to WA. I moved back to Vic. as a teenager to live ...

#52 Stories / In what ways do you sacrifice your time to volunteer in your community?

In what ways do you sacrifice your time to volunteer in your community? It has been sometime since i did anything community wise (I tend to leave that up to Jack and Angel these days).  When Angel was in Primary school i did donate my time and teach students about how to scrapbook & take ...

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