Life at Number 6

EST. 2005-2017

I had set a number posts to go up over the weeks so not sure what has gone up and what hasn’t. I am currently typing this message in “Real Time” from my new Lenovo 310 2in1 that my amazing husband brought back for me from Melbourne.

He was as was here on a flying visit (Less than 48 hours) from Melbourne this weekend. We took a drive to Launceston Yesterday and he not long caught the plane back to Melbourne to go back to work in the morning. He will be back in about three weeks for another flying visit but an extra day, so will be good to spend more time together. There will be one of two visits after that and then a long gap away and then the next time he comes over we will be moving back with him.

Angel was so happy to see Jack which was lovely. The cats where happy to see him too. Our new puppy remembered him which was good, Though I don’t think that Bailey is all that happy with Jack now, after jack gave him a flea treatment, and a bath..

So from a total Mac girl I now have to get my head around a windows machine, as if using an android phone wasn’t bad enough.

So now I can get back to setting up posts and organising things on here,

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