Where are you from?

I was born in Melton, Victoria (Vic) in 1973. We moved to Western Australia (WA) when I was 1. My Sister was born in 77 & Brother in 79. Then we moved back to Vic. stayed there a few years. Then back to WA. I moved back to Vic. as a teenager to live with my Nan in 1986/87. (My sister stayed with Mum, and brother eventually moved in with Dad). In 1988 i moved back to WA to live with my Mum (My parents had separated while i was living with my Nan). Lived with Mum for a while, then Dad, then on my own, then back in with Mum until I met Jack and I moved in with him, then we moved in with Mum when Angel was a week old and then moved out again when she was a few months old. We moved around a fair bit over the years. We stayed in WA until moving to Tasmania (Tas) in 2012. In the coming months i will be making the move back to Vic. as Jack is now working there. I always knew at some point we would make the move back. I have always seen Vic / Melbourne as my hometown even when living in other states.  Who knows where we will be in 5 -10 years beyond that.

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