Where do you live?

At the moment we live in a little coastal town near Burnie Tasmania.

We live around 600mtrs from the beach / Local wharf.

The town has around 3000 people in it. It is a tourist town from around September to January / February. Famous for its Tulips and various other events.

In september we will have been here 5 years (although at the time of writing this we will be in the process of moving to Melbourne).

How did we come to live here?

When we where looking at rentals, we looked at Burnie and the surrounding suburbs. and then came across a couple of rentals here. There where about three in Burnie that i liked but either didn’t take pets or we where turned down for.

So we decided to look outside of Burnie. (It is about 18km’s away).

This one looked quite pretty and had recently been renovated. They agreed to the pets as well which was fantastic. Little did we know that 5 years later this would still be the place we call home.

It’s only a two bedroom, 1 bathroom but it has been comfortable and we have made it homely.


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