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A combination of Prompts from VeggiMumma, Pip @Meet me at Mikes & Amy Tangerine & Kellie Winnell with a couple of my Own thrown in.

Achieved |

Survived with out Jack being here, although some problems have popped up that i need him to deal with.

Admiring |

Laptop bags, then i gave the laptop that Jack brought me to Angel.

Anticipating |

Jack coming home next Friday. Will be so nice to talk to another Adult.

Blogging |

July is back to basics. Sit down go through the blog planner, take photos.

Buying |

I brought a Michael Kors tracker, received it, only to find that it was tiny, sent it back got a store credit, got a Top (its a little snug but fits), Pair of sunglasses, Laptop Bag.

Been |

To Launceston and surrounds when Jack came home.

Bookmarking |

Not a lot lately.

Cooking |

Microwave Meals are a staple at the moment. Too much stress trying to come up with a meal plan for two. Wasting food when there is only the two of us.

Considering |

Throwing everything out, Just so the house stays clean.

Coveting |

A Michael Kors Handbag.

Craving |

Well it was Mint Slice Biscuits, but Angel got me a packet which i scoffed in three minutes and then Jack sent me a packet and they made me feel sick. So think i am over them now.

Creating |

In my head i am creating so many things, putting that into action not so much.

Current |

Studio 10 has just started.

Deciding |

To get out of my heated throw to make a cup of coffee in the freeing cold kitchen.

Disliking |

The amount of mould thats turned up in the bathroom.

Disappointed |

That things keep going wrong.

Digging |

Well funny story here, earlier in the month i had a knock on the door from a plumbing company to say that they where turning the water off (i had assumed at first that it was something to do with the NBN because thats due to be installed), but it’s now the end of the month and the hole in the ground hasn’t been touched. so no idea whats going on with it, Jack has contacted the Real Estate agent to find out whats happening.

Drinking |

Lots of coffee, since i got a new coffee machine before Jack left.

Enjoying / Enjoyed |

Movie night with Angel. We watched Beauty & the Beast .

Eating |

Microwave meals, Mint slices, Junk.


Family Photo |

Taken the morning Jack left for Melbourne.

Feeling | 

Like a zombie first 1/2 of the month from not sleeping, yet these last few days all i have wanted to do is sleep, going as far as falling asleep on the couch.

Finally |

Sitting down and writing a blog post.

Following | 

The pup around the house, trying to stop him getting into things.

Habit | 

Drinking water, i haven’t been doing it.

Happy | 

That this month is over.

Birthday, to my bestie Pat.

Happening | 

Between, the Cats, The pup and the 15year old, the only thing happening around here is my sanity.

Hoping | 

That July is incredible.

Hearing | 

Noise in the kitchen, means that the cat & pup are into something.

Keeping | 

Up-todate with what Jacks unto through his Instagram.

Location |

When Jack came home we went for a very LOOOOOng drive. It was nice to get out, but also nice to come home again.

Looking |

For a rental from another state is so time consuming.

Liking |

Some of the houses that i am finding online, but the Bonds are so high.

Loving |

That the 20th Anniversary since the First Harry Potter movie was celebrated.

Listening | 

To noise from the kitchen.

Making |

Myself warm on such a cold morning with a heated throw blanket.

Main Goal This Week |

Next week the whole house need to be cleaned before Jack comes back.


At how much he actually did. Just little things, but with me not being able to reach things i can’t fix some issues.

Needing / Need to Finish

Taking photos.

Not Digging |

How far behind in things that i feel.

Noticing |

What a chore a new puppy is, he is inquisitive and cheeky.

Opening |

To any mint slice packs.

Playing |

The can i get angel to finish a chore and not half do it.

Planning |

To re-boot my planner.


Our time in Tasmania, we have loved it here, but it is time to move on, and our impending move to Melbourne, which can be anytime in July to October.

Reading |

I brought several books in the past few months, haven’t touched them. Still haven’t read Jimmy Yet.

Sorting |

The house out when Jack comes home.

Snacking |

Way too often.

Smelling |

The cold in the air.

Waiting |

The warm up. I feel like an icicle.

Watching |

Twin Peaks, Will & Grace, Offspring, Bones, Reba, Love Child.

Wanting | 

To get up and have a coffee, but its too cold, and now the cats sitting on me.

Wasting | 

My time, doing this blog post.

Weather |


Wearing |

When Jack came home, we went to Kmart and i brought a Stockholm top, OMG it’s so comfortable, that most days it’s the first thing i grab to keep warm.

Wishing | 

It was next Friday.

What grind’s my Gears |  

Asking angel to do something only for her to

1. Partly do it.

2. Not doing it.

3. Doing it but making more work for herself by not doing the rest, like picking up the rubbish, but leaving it in the kitchen for the dog to get too. Washing the floor, but using so much water on it it was like walking through a lake.

Wondering |

When we will move, and where too.

Working On |

Getting through each day.

Working Out |

I haven’t even worked in. I am taking July off TiffXO as i am just not using it, not even for the Menu Plan, so instead of wasting money i am just taking a break from trying to lose weight.


And that’s it for another month.

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