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Not really a lot going on around here. So dot point it is. (currently post to go live today as well).

  • Jack will be back for the weekend (not this one next one), so that will be nice.
  • Angel’s still at school, school holidays are coming up in a few weeks. So things will slow down even more.
  • The Puppy is growing very quickly. Driving me crazy with his antics. He loves annoying the cats and our male cat loves having someone to pick on.
  • Haven’t really been blogging all that much. Will go back to scheduling posts for July. I have photos to take that i haven’t taken yet for several posts, and need to do a lot of updating for headers etc.
  • I have been spend spending most of my time watching Twin Peaks, Will & Grace (up to season 6 now), old episodes of Bones, Reba, and Offspring is back so happy about that.
  • My planner was a little neglected and i still need to add heaps more to it, i have so many stickers that need to be used up before i go an buy more.
  • I need to go through my goals section.
  • There is a new version of Project 14 coming out, so i will be joining that as this house really needs to get back into shape.
  • I haven’t even touched my Memory Jar in ages.
  • Discovered Wunderlist and have been using that to track everything, added Jack & Angel to it. Its working but i also found out that they are getting rid of it because Microsoft brought them out. Just when i find something that works.
  • Need to print out photos as i have been buying a lot of blank books.
  • Thinking of doing a story a page, toying with getting the Ali Edwards 31 Stories bundle. So i can get more stories down on paper.
  • So a few days ago i said that i got a new Lenovo Tablet, well after trying it for a few days i found that using the Microsoft / Windows operating system just isn’t for me at all. So have given it to Angel, who thinks its great for watching Netflix and doing her homework.
  • I am over this cold weather. My hands & feet are always freezing.

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